Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Find [4]

Decorating on a budget can be a long, drawn out, pain. Anyone who says it's fun is on crack. No drug test needed people, I'm calling them all out. You can see the whole vision in your head, but it takes months to complete because important things like RUGS and FURNITURE are effing expensive. I don't currently have a closet (see here) nor do I have a dresser (didn't need one in my last apartment) so my clothing is currently residing in plastic ikea bags because I refuse to purchase a dresser until I can afford the one I want. Yea, it's classy living over here in Los Angeles.

And while expensive or long-lasting investment pieces are important, it's often the little touches and accent pieces that make a room. Cool, right? Because after purchasing a $700 rug and $$$ furniture, you totally have money to blow on things like VASES and TRAYS that are pure eye candy with little actual viable use. No. No. No. Insert H&M home, your new one stop budget-friendly shop for decorative accents. Yes, they have things like sheets and towels, but I don't recommend purchasing anything from H&M if you want a fair amount of use or traction out of it. Because if you've ever owned anything from H&M or F21, you know what I mean. But little knick knack no-touch doo dads? DONE!

Here are a few of my favorites:


ok, so I'm already breaking my own rules. Pillows are kind of a high use thing, and you definitely get what you pay for. And this is nine dollars, so you should expect it to be just okay. But these would be great to add dimension to a collection of quality patterned pillows. LIKE THESE - they are new at L&G and you should go buy them right now. Fill this ^ ^ bad boy with an over sized down insert and BAM! You're a trendy 1970's palm springs lady and I LIKE IT.

Metal and glass? Done. So cool. So effortless. So cheap.

I mean, look at how they styled it. This could be you for less than $50.


Hi, why are storage baskets so expensive? I really love them and then see price tags of $30 + and I'm like WHAAAAAAAT. No sir. *drops in isle and runs away* This one is cheap. And it's copper. And it comes in other finishes. So you're welcome.


Again, storage baskets. I've wanted a laundry hamper of this style for quite some time and I physically cannot bring myself to pay the $100 price tag. WHY?! IT IS A HAMPER. IT HOLDS SOILED GARMENTS NOT BABY ANGEL TEARS. This little guy is a bit smaller, not hamper size unless you are a tiny baby angel, but it's affordable. And I like it. And you could use it as storage on a shelf that people see.


I really like trays. Make a mini bar out of them and then lay on top of your credenza or bookshelf. Put one on your coffee table and store your remotes, coasters, etc. in it and you'll instantly look like a classy 2000s Don Draper. Better yet, make your bed, and place one at the end corner with magazines or your laptop stored on it and people will walk in and think you are the classiest broad they have ever met. This particular wood + white combo has me really excited.

Ok - be free! Shop H&M Home and make your house a perfectly styled masterpiece and then tell me about it. I'll be here, dreaming of pizza.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bungalow Before

For all 10 of you that still read this blog, I MOVED! You may remember the previous before posts I shared (click here) and we got the apartment looking really on point and then stuff happened and we kind of had to move out before the photoshoot. That's life and you just roll with the punches.

Main reasons for moving: (1) My roommate and I were paying an astronomical amount for a one bedroom apartment in an amazing area. (2) We just wanted our own bedrooms with private space (3) A new roommate was leaving her living situation and wanted to join the party

I hate hate hate moving. I'm so tried of doing it and I swore to myself that the next time I did, I would hire someone to move the devil boxes. Well again, life happened and I was soon trecking down three flights of stairs with my belongings. Side note: everything that looks pretty in your home is a total bitch to move. Coffee table books? FML. Floor to ceiling mirror. FML. 55 picture frames for a gallery wall. FML. But whatever... we made it!

Welcome to our new little bungalow! We looked at so many places once we decided to move.. turns out 3 bedroom houses/apartments/anything are a mystical real-estate unicorn in Los Angeles. The places with perfect layouts and in our budget were in less than ideal locations, so when we stumbled across this little gem that was (1) in our price range and (2) in an amazing location, we just agreed to make it work. Bye West Hollywood, hello bungalow in Los Feliz. Bye crotchety old Russian neighbors who yell at us, hello young professional neighbors all our own age.

So there are two entrances to our new place, one being right into my bedroom *below* and the other through the kitchen. We primarily use the kitchen one, unless we are all hanging out in what should be the living room.

I didn't necessarily want to live in a non-bedroom space, but at the end of the day I agreed that I would give up bedroom rights as long as I got the parking space. The money I'll save in parking tickets is more than enough to deal with anything else. I also refused to live anywhere that wasn't hardwood floors, so I couldn't keep putting my foot down or everyone would strangle me.

Terrifying wall sconces which will be replaced.

FAUX FIREPLACE. These are the things decorating dreams are made of. Also.... all the windows = a ton of natural light. SOLD. SOLD. SOLD. You would want to live in here too.

Oh an on the other side? BUILT INS. At first I was really excited about them and now I have nightmares about filling them with things like say BOOKS and then being forced to carry them up and down a thousand stairs. So I haven't decided on the best option for this. Suggestions welcome.

My room has two giant wooden doors which lead into roommate #2's bedroom. Yes, she has two closets. And yes, one of them is a mini office space. We hate her. But she has green walls, so we will let it slide.

Our bungalow was listed as a 2 bedroom with this being the second bedroom, but if we get technical this is what should be a dining room. You know, for people who have enough money for that sort of thing. Not I. 

Roommate #1's bedroom with these awesome windows that make it really easy to turn her room into a dark vampire cave. She's in heaven.

Dark. Glorious. Vampire. Blackout. Heaven.

Hallway. So much storage. GIANT bathroom (with brand new affectionately named "rain forest" shower head). Doggie door. Needless to say, we cried when we finally signed the lease.

Kitchen. Nothing too exciting other than APPLIANCES. I lived the past year with a camper stove, no microwave, and no dishwasher. And yea, my life was perfectly fine without them and I barely missed their absence.... but I could kiss those countertops big enough for cooking a real meal and I'm already so spoiled by having a dishwasher again.

Storage. Again, something VERY lacking in our last apartment. ANDDDDD - just to confirm my imaginary #beyoncelife I think I'm living... squint your eyes to the left and notice that WASHER AND DRYER MY FRIENDS. Private parking and a w/d is Los Angeles real estate GOLD.

So yes, the layout isn't ideal (no common space) but everyone has privacy, the perfect neighborhood, annnnnnd amenities we thought we would never see again.

More updates coming soon!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

48 Hours in Chicago

Some weeks I eat bags of almonds and beef jerky while working constantly all day because I have no time to eat or purchase actual meals, my straightener dies so I look like a bushy headed homeless person, and I don't leave the capacity of my home/office/20 minute car commute. Actually....this was the exact week after I felt like Beyonce jetting off to Chicago for two days and then coming back to LA to jet off to Las Vegas for world market. But lets start at the beginning... CHITOWN.

Valerie and I flew out on Virgin, which was such a fun experience...most of which we spent drinking. We even almost missed our plane (no, really. there wasn't a single soul at the gate and we had to beg) because we were consuming wine and french fries.

Then we arrived at The W Lakeshore and there had been a mixup with rooms, so we were bunking together for the night. The W staff was incredibly accommodating and then when Valerie left after one night, I rolled around in her freshly made bed and used it as my own lounge space slash personal desktop. No complaints here. In all seriousness, The W was amazing. If I could have hashtagged every photo #beyoncelife... I would have. Everything from the redesigned decor to the toiletries left in the bathroom made the entire stay feel like a luxurious vacation. You also cannot beat the location or the room views.

Other enjoyable amenities that may not be listed on their accommodations, but you will definitely appreciate:

(1) A shower head of your dreams. Few traveling problems are worse than going to a hotel with a fire hose shower head (painful quick showers for you) or a dripping sad garden hose shower head (45 minutes to rinse your hair). The W was like standing under a mini waterfall heaven. I may or may not have taken an hour long shower my last night in the room. I'll always remember you fondly shower head.

(2) Easily accessible bedside outlets. So necessary that you don't even realize it until you find yourself climbing under a bed in Vegas to reach the outlet, only to find it full. Not at the W. Push a little trap door on your nightstand and BAM out comes an easily accessible plug. GAME. CHANGER.

#teamTEGcon took place the next day ... aka the first time all of the editors were able to meet in the same place and brainstorm for the next 6 editorial months. We talked features, ideas, and all sorts of new and exciting things for the site. BIG THINGS TO COME. If you haven't already, you should follow along via facebook or instagram so you don't miss anything. None of which will include me wearing a leather jacket (freezing cold conference room), laughing, or Jackie Saffert hand modeling the dessert I kept shoving in my mouth. But whatever. We can pretend work really looks that pretty.

Then we went to an amazing dinner at Beatrix which I HIGHLY recommend if you are in Chicago. Steak, chocolate cake, and wine. Yes...really. I really ate that for dinner. 

Then on my one non-work day I headed over to A+D's house for a little home tour and then lunch with them + Jackie. We had drinks and appetizers at Carriage House which made for the most pleasant + relaxing afternoon of catching up.

There's something really magical about Chicago in the summer. The people, the weather, and the general atmosphere of being in the city. It makes me homesick for a place I've never even lived. I know a large motivating factor for that hopeful feeling is rooted in the fact that the city experiences shitty weather 8 months of the year, so when it is nice everyone wants to kiss each other on the mouth. I get that. But I'm glad I got to experience it...even if only for 48 hours.

all images not noted are by me for Mimosas in the Morning