Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Stylin & Profilin

Werrrk has been so busy...but what else is new? We are getting new products every single day and it's a constant rush to get the new stuff on + keep up with every day work. One of the items I've been meaning to photograph for weeks + add to the site were our new Mexican Serape placemats. Of course, a styled photo was needed to do them justice. Voila!

(or else the donuts I ended up shoveling in my mouth will be in vain)

all photos by me for Lulu & Georgia

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Find [3]

We just added some alarmingly cute new products to the gift section at Lulu & Georgia. I bought the popsicle jewelry holder before it even went live on the site. Yeah... because I really couldn't resist. But now I want these two as well. I'm going to be one of those creepy ladies with giant cabinets of Madam Alexander dolls... only mine will be filled with jewelry holders. Much less single-white-female don't you think?


P.S. We also added some great candles... the scents are so unique and truly unisex. This one is my favorite.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

When I Met You In The Summer...

I'm a sucker for a genius marketing campaign, so when I stumbled upon Private Party in an instagram scroll, I was instantly hooked. The label (based in LA) is equal parts pop hip-hop culture reference and hilarious snark... basically my retail soulmate. But apart from the surface level admiration for the products, I am so impressed by the genius guy behind it all. He took something as seemingly simple as a screen-printed tshirt/sweatshirt with simple typeface and created a very palpable brand that is taking off. The styling, the social media, the graphics. It's all so good.

Also, give me that thigh gap and 1 of everything.

above images via @shopprivateparty

A few more favorites...
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