Thursday, October 30, 2014



One time I went on a date with a guy who had an R.Kelly playlist he played after dinner to "set the mood". Key word in this story "one". Sadly this playlist* is nothing like that. It's just old+new songs I played on repeat all month long...much to the dismay of my nearby co-workers. (they agree it's better than R.Kelly though)

I even made you a soundcloud so you can listen. for free. and enjoy music. click here to give your ears a little bump n grind** or click the widget below. Then repeat it 100000X times and it's like we're coworkers.

*left out Ginuwine's Pony, which I listen to at least once a day for no good reason other than it's thebestsongever
**did you like that R.Kelly reference?! Still makes my eye twitch.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

DIY Sheepskin Foot Stool + Other Recent Lulu Things

Hi - I haven't died! If it wasn't apparent enough from the fact that there was a blog post, I felt the need to clarify it. I've been so busy with exciting Lulu & Georgia projects. Some of which I can share now, some of which I can't share until later. But lets just say it involves the desert, really attractive people who make me question my love for bagels, and some awesome really-big brands that also think Lulu & Georgia is as cool as I do. And that's all I can say for now. Don't worry, I'll take a break from my monogamous relationship with netflix to drag my brittle tired hands across the keyboard when I am finally able to share.

Ok, enough with the cryptic messages. THINGS I CAN SHARE NOW:



I did a pretty cool DIY for Lulu & Georgia where you take this steal of a stool from Target and turn it into the same stool, but better. click here for the tutorial  Also, has anyone else noticed Target has been killing it lately with cheap home decor? I know that's kind of cheating on Lulu, but the red bulls-eye is a black hole resisted by no woman, ever. Like is it reeeeally cheating on your boyfriend if it's Ryan Gosling? Not that Target is RG, but this references the whole no-woman-can-resist aspect. Then again I don't even remember what it's like to have a boyfriend, so I'm probably not the best judge.

In other non-relative news, my plant in this photo has since died. At the time this photo was taken I had to flex my photoshop muscles to turn those brown leaves into pretty green ones and since then it's time of death has been recorded. In my defense, it was the heater's fault and not mine.

Fiddle Leaf 1 : Allyson 0


We also got these fantastic new agate coasters that I sourced and shot+styled for Lulu. They make really great hostess gifts or just gifts for yourself cause you're a cool ass bitch. shop them here


I also stomped my feet until we got some Banana Palm Pillows. Really, there wasn't much stomping but I coordinated getting them to the site, love them, they're affordable, and this photo is amazing. shop them here


This has nothing to do with Lulu, but yesterday was Drake's birthday. Which meant baby photos of him wound up in front of my eyes thanks to social media. I then stole the award for cutestbabyever from whatever gerber baby it was wrongly given to before and gave it to drake. This resulted in an hour long look at #drake on instagram which provided not only good baby photos (sometimes he looks like a baby scientist and it's confusing?) but by far the most terrifying fan photos and captions. Don't do it. But do it. So HBD Drake. Thanks for making white girls everywhere feel all sorts of feelings.

photos 1, 2, and 3 by me for Lulu & Georgia, photo 4 by Jenna Kincaid, photo 5 stolen from the internet

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bungalow: Mantle Talk


We are slowly but surely making our new place into a little home. Apart from awesome plans with a definite lack of funding, it's a difficult transition moving previously-purchased items into a new space that doesn't need them. We've had to get rid of a few things (single tear sliding down cheek), but then there are others that I REFUSE to get rid of... Like my 10ft tall standing Ikea mirror that everyone owns. I bought that mirror by myself, which meant lugging it on that ikea dolly and into my SUV ALONE... party of one like the single white female with shit upper body strength that I am. Side note: almost broke it at least 3 times which would have made the whole thing pointless, but whatever. Got it up four flights of stairs to the old apartment (with the help of another female because I admitted defeat) and then back down four flights of stairs to a moving truck. So to say I'm attached to this effing mirror is an understatement. Even if I didn't use it every single day (which I do), I would vehemently refuse to get rid of it. So for now it just covers a row of built ins and I glare at it every day. Will need botox soon.

Painting the walls has begun! They are currently dirty white/beige and being upgraded to simple bright white. I did one wall and then called it a day. Three weeks later, still no progress. Oy. I'd like to say I'm deciding on the color, but really it's just exhaustion and my hatred for painting.

One place that I have gotten excited about is my mantle. Above is a little peek. I'm super pumped about this mantle and I want it to look very Emily Henderson-esque with eclectic styling. So to study, I have watched all of Emily's videos, at least 5 times each, and tried to retain as many points as possible about texture, weight, contrasting heights, etc. Yes, I spend many nights watching these videos, taking notes, and trying to see things like Emily sees them. Again, single-white-female-no-cable-lots-of-time-avoiding-painting.

Hellllllloooooo. Emily Henderson? Are you there? Be my fraaaaand.


The other side is 80% complete, but I wanted to tease you guys with this side since I ended up with leftover flowers from a Lulu & Georgia blog post and they are just too pretty not to snap a million photos of.

Candle - Pommes Frites Amber & Moss from Lulu & Georgia ... I once was an anthropologie candle addict, but now this is my new favorite. So clean and fresh. I cannot recommend it enough.

Marquee Lights - I love these and they are everyone's favorite item to comment on when they come over. I'm glad they are getting the "center-of-the-room-attention" they deserve

Copper Sombrero - I ventured over to Shopclass LA which is affordable mid-century vintage aka heaven. I scooped up this little copper guy for $7 and fell in love with the owners so I will be back soon. Not in LA? You can shop them online here. You're weeeeelcome friends.

Frame via Ikea and photo via Gray Malin - You may be wondering when I got all Donald Trump and started buying Gray Malin. Well friends, if you sign up for the Gray Malin email blast he's always having a sale that you can take advantage of. But if you're like me and are still broke, then you get a little more resourceful. I spotted on Gray's instagram that he did a collaboration with JCrew of his Bondi Beach print which was featured on some of their postcards and catalogs. I must have gone to three different JCrews looking for said postcard until I gave up. A month later I ordered something online and it came in the package. So now it sits in this adorable frame, making me feel like a real adult with real art. Lets keep this secret between us, okay?

The mantle still needs a few more touches, but I mainly need to figure out what goes in the faux-fireplace. Inspiration:





Plants? Candles? Nada? Leaned Art? Wood? Tell me your thoughts. I'll be somewhere not painting the other 3 walls I have left.

all photos not sourced beneath are by me for Mimosas in the Morning