Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tall Socks Are A Thing...Okay? And Not Just A Thing In Your Grandpa's Closet.


I have this really awesome habit of seeing incredibly attractive skinny girls do what I consider a fashionable thing and then wanting to copy them. Seems harmless enough, right? Wrong. Because one thing logic-defying-skinny-pretty girls don't have to do is dress for their body. Case and point: they can wear everything flowy / twelve sizes too large and throw on a pair of flats thus causing females of the interweb to pin their photo 8 trillion times. I attempt to recreate said pin and someone approaches me at an escalator asking if I need help because they assume I am eight months pregnant. Not cute. No one is pinning that.

So when we had our Christmas in California shoot, I watched the models don oversized sweaters and knee high socks for their "hanging around the house" look and I was all "ooh-ahhhh-ohhhhhh-geniussssss" because "hanging around the house" essentially means you can wear whatever the eff you want. Thus I can dress like the logic-defying-skinny-girls all my heart desires. This is the loophole friends. I'm sure some of you still throw on your old juicy pants when it's cold and all your laundry is dirty. NO JUDGEMENT HERE LADIES. It's the privacy of your own dwelling. DO YO THANG. Cause I fully plan on doing my thang all winter long in my house with my oversized sweater and knee socks. Except lets all just agree to avoid any high socks that SQUEEZE the mid thigh. Um, no. That's not cute for anyone. I don't want to be laying around my house staring at my legs wondering why they look like sausage leaking from a casing.

So for those of you that want to hang out at your house in a comfortable manner and cover your legs without actually putting on pants, here are my favorite and incredibly affordable socks to recreate this look.


Marled Socks // $14 or 2 for $22


Lightweight Button Socks // $14 or 2 for $22


Tonal Scrunch Socks // $14 or 2 for $22

I've already purchased these socks and have been wearing them with an old oversized gray sweater around my house. Note the scrunchy top which does not squeeze said thighs.


Ribbed Cuff Socks // $14 or 2 for $22

and for those of you who aren't ready to dive full in...


Chunky Knit Socks // $16 or 2 for $22


Varsity Stripe Socks // $14 or 2 for $22

Now go forth to lounge in your oversized sweaters and super high socks.

Friday, November 21, 2014



I'm on the Lulu & Georgia blog today with a kick ass cheese tray for Thanksgiving. I may or may not have eaten this as dinner once a week for a month to perfect the combination.


This is what it looks like when you put all the stuff on it... you know, right before you eat it all and then go lay in your bed to watch Netflix.

photos by me for Lulu & Georgia

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lulu & Georgia : Christmas in California

Monica Wang Photography-96

If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen a few posts about me coordinating the most ridiculous photo-shoot of my career. Well today I am finally able to share the images! Welcome to Christmas in California, Lulu & Georgia Holiday 2014.

Monica Wang Photography-75small

Monica Wang Photography-237

Monica Wang Photography-199small

Monica Wang Photography-197

This shoot was my most recent baby and now it's been birthed to the internets for all of you to enjoy. From helping develop the concept to product ordering, organizing, finding a VW parked on the street and writing them a note requesting to use their van for our shoot, schlepping everything out to the desert, schedule making, phone calls, spray painting, slicing my hand open, climbing on said VW van with no support to tape giant ridiculous fake presents I had also get the actually making our holiday look-book in photoshop/issuu. I feel exhausted yet excited and that's resulted in frantic spastic typing along with more than a few typos. Just look at the pretty images and forget my jumbled words.

Monica Wang Photography-3

Monica Wang Photography-243

Monica Wang Photography-12

So enjoy all of our mind-boggley-gorgeous pictures, ooh and ahhh and say how fantastic we all are (kidding), and buy lots of things from Lulu & Georgia (not kidding).

Monica Wang Photography-137

I'm so incredibly lucky to devote so much of my life to a fantastic company and job I love. None of this could be possible without other really-awesome-talented people. Like my lady boss Sara who teaches me something new every day and who NEVER EVER SLEEPS EVER, super cool co-workers (shout-out to Jenna who shared my bed for the week of the photo shoot!!), Monica Wang who captured all these photos on her magical camera, Samantha Santana for styling and being a ridiculously creative lady, Show Me Your Mumu for providing us with clothes and babe models that I'm now obsessed with, and Juan who will never ever read this blog EVER but transports a lot of stuff and is my hero.