Monday, April 11, 2011

Mexican Breakfast Pizza

I came home for lunch today and did not like the protein shake and vegetables that were staring back at me. I wanted something filling, but unfortunately it’s close to pay-day and I have been holding off on buying groceries. I took a quick inventory and ended up with this super tasty and easy meal.
What you need:
·         2 Eggs (1 egg & 1 egg white)
·         Fresh Cilantro
·         Salsa (I use Julio’s salsa in the refrigerated section)
·         Low Fat/Fat Free Cheddar Cheese
·         Avocado
·         English Muffin (I use Thomas’ Healthy Heart muffins in Triple Health)
·         Pam Cooking Spray
1.       Start heating up the small skillet for eggs and spray it lightly with Pam.
2.       Cut your English Muffin in half and toss it in the toaster oven
3.       Beat your egg and egg white in a small bowl. Then mix in some fresh cilantro to your preference (I used a lot of cilantro for more of a fresh flavor)
4.       While your eggs are scrambling, sprinkle a very small amount of cheese on each of your English Muffin halves. Too much cheese can make it unhealthy and mute the other flavors. This is just to bind the eggs to the bread.
5.       Separate your eggs in half and scoop them directly from the pan onto the English Muffins.
6.       Add a little bit of salsa on top of the eggs and top with Avocado.

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