Saturday, January 14, 2012

Boyfriend Mashed Potatoes

I come from a tried and true southern family. Every time I go home to visit my parents, there is some delicious dish waiting on the table that you wouldn't dare question the calorie count. To give you an idea, my parents are believers in real sugar (Splenda not allowed in the house),  real butter (they are appauled for my love of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter"), and whole milk (which to me is the equivalent of drinking butter). Needless to say, our refrigerators are completely different so I don't often make the same recipes as them. However, when my mother showed me this amazing baked potato dip (recipe here), it was too good not to experiment with. When we enjoy the dip by itself, it is usually accompanied with pieces of toasted garlic bread for dipping. After a brief love affair, my creative wheels got to turning and I decided it would be great for making loaded mashed potatoes (a favorite of my boyfriend). I whipped up the dip and added it to plain mashed potatoes. For those of you that have not made mashed potatoes before, it is incredibly simple. You start by peeling and chopping your potatoes (red potatoes preferred) , boil them until they are tender, drain from the water, and add in to a mixer with butter + a little milk until you create the perfect texture. Once you have the potatoes to your liking, start adding in the baked dip. Top with bacon pieces and shredded cheese. They are by far, the BEST loaded mashed potatoes I have ever had.

[I call these boyfriend mashed potatoes because they are perfect to satisfy and impress any male]

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  1. Looks so yummy!!! I need to try these for my boyfriend- I think he would love me forever!



  2. Gosh, this is such a mouthwatering post! I´m so pinning this recipe and trying it asap! Thanks for sharing, sweets!

    xx Ivana

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  3. I have got to try this recipe! Looks so tasty! Thanks for sharing.

    The Klury Report & Kini Style

  4. Mashed potatoes are literally my favorite food in the world. I cannot wait to try this, it looks unbelievable!

  5. They look awesome! As is your blog lady! =)

  6. I'm drooling at my keyboard - yum! Adding this recipe to my 'to-make' list for sure!


  7. Oh my goodness... these look to die for!! YUM


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