Thursday, December 5, 2013

Milk Jar Cookies - Los Angeles, CA

confession: these photos are a few months old, but in my defense it's practically summer year round in LA

Before moving to LA, I did a lot of what I do best...trolling the internet. Mostly for an apartment, but I did keep a little list of things I wanted to do or see once actually residing in California. One of the things on my handy dandy notepad was Milk Jar. I happened upon this cookie crack den via an instagram comment they left on someone's photo telling them they were recently opened and encouraging them to stop by. I clicked over to their profile, was intrigued, and bookmarked it (as if I really needed encouragement). Well this is proof that social media really works because I eventually did traipse myself over to Milk Jar and now I'm an addict (practically selling plasma to get more cookie money). The photos can't possibly do these perfectly gooey heaps of deliciousness justice. They are by far the best cookies I have ever purchased.Then I discovered their cold brew iced coffee and I started plotting ways to set up a tent and just never leave...what else is there to life? 

Lesson to learn from all of this: 

- If you are in LA or happen to visit, this is a must visit (click here). My advice? Start with the classic chocolate chip 
- Social Media REALLY works for businesses
- I have an unhealthy attachment to cookies.

all photos by me for Mimosas in the Morning


  1. How cute is that little place! I want to visit!

  2. AHHH those look amazing! In Dallas we had Tiff's Treats, that will deliver a dozen warm cookies to your door within 45 minutes. Awesome and terrible.


    1. I LOVVVVED Tiff's Treats. And they always arrived warm.. what kind of magic sorcery is that?!

  3. "practically selling plasma for cookies" sounds about right to me...good thing I don't live in the LA area or...but next time I

  4. I'm really not much of a dessert person but I would definitely give this place a try!



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