Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Last week I looked up and realized I've been putting so much energy into unnecessary things that are getting me nowhere. Yes, I was having fun... okay, a lot of fun... but apart from work duties, I felt like I wasn't accomplishing anything. It's like I was standing still. What am I doing for ME? Where am I going and doing?

So I decided to start fresh. Wipe the slate clean. Give up a handful of things and people that were doing nothing more than sucking up my time. Look at what I have that matters, remember how lucky I am, and appreciate appreciate appreciate. My friends and I refer to this as "EPL" time (aka EatPrayLove Time even if I wish it was more like EatPizzaLong Time).

One thing I gave up? Social media. Bye instagram. Bye twitter. Bye facebook. Pinterest you rock and can stay forever. I thought I would miss all your taco photos and baby albums, BUT I DON'T AND IT'S SO NICE. I'm sure I'll go back eventually, but for the time being it's nice to have the apps missing from my phone. You don't realize how much you check them until they're gone. And once you do realize, it's kind of pathetic.

Here I am, one week strong with a whole new perspective. It may seem silly, but it feels so good. The dead weight is gone. I'm the emotional equivalent of a freshly cleaned refrigerator (you know.. the one you've been avoiding cleaning out for months but then looks SO DAMN GOOD when you finally do it). If you're one of the five people who still read this blog you're probably thinking "damn this bitch needs to shut up and cook something - I'm over this" and to that I respond "I'M WORKING ON IT!" But maybe today we can get together and learn something? Have you ever caught yourself investing  time + energy into something that isn't doing anything for you? A relationship? A dead-end job? A froyo addiction? Instagram scrolling? Whatever it is, remember that you're time is precious and not worth anything that doesn't give back what you put in.


  1. Girl. You know I will be reading forever, because I love your blog and your face and I think you have the raddest personality. Amen.

    I'm so 100% behind you, and have realized this week that I'm just sort of stuck - and even worse, stuck in a place that I'm not happy with. So onwards and upwards.

    Getting rid of all the social medias is BOLD, and I like it. I ditched FB in January and haven't looked back. Maybe twitter should be next? I'm not sure I could ditch IG because it's like my little network of happy, encouraging, wonderful people. But Twitter? Meh. Maybe that should go next. I think I need to sit down and figure out what my time suckers are.


  2. Bold indeed but inspiring! I think is a great idea! I pretty much gave up facebook but I love the idea of instagram as that's the one I check the most. And i feel like social media cause more stress than it does pleasure. My phone is just symbolic of stress - texts I need to respond to, emails, all while looking impeccable like the styled photos I see via instagram. Good call Allyson - you're on to something. I'm putting my thinking cap on.

  3. I've been giving a lot of thought to how I spend my precious time lately, so this is very timely for me. With a (more than) full time job, college courses, training for several athletic events, and a blog, I'm finding it really tough to do everything well, and I don't want to do things half-assed. The thought of giving up FB and Twitter makes me a little twitchy but maybe that's the point and probably that means I need to give it some very serious consideration, at least giving them up for a week or two to see how I feel.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Allyson. first of all, you are HILARIOUS. i hope you know that. we can have EatPizzaLong Time together anytime. please.

    happy that you are enjoying your new perspective! to the left, to the left to all who aren't worth your time.

    and i may need to follow suit on the social media freeze soon... sounds like it'll be a healthy break for me, ha.

    see you saturday! xo

  5. yessssssssss. seriously, yes! thank you for this!


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